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Introducing GlobalCert

GlobalCert in an International Certification Programme in Digital Literacy. It is the most up to date certification with more than 30 areas to tested and certified. Recognised in Europe and around the world, GlobalCert helps individuals built their digital literacy profile and certify the e-skills they acquire throughout their life.


Programme Benefits for Individuals

-  Digital Skills to take you anywhere Recognized in Europe and Internationally.

-  The best way to prove your ICT Skills in your CV.

-  Covers the greatest range of e-skills available.

-  Keeps you updated with all current and future e-skills needs.

-  Build your e-portfolio with the assistance of our experts.

-  Increases your confidence, motivation and potential for technology.





ICT Training & Certification

ICT Skills provide individuals with the ability to understand and use technology. Improve social communication and facilitate fuller participation in society.

CV & E-Portfolio

Contact us today and find the nearest certified training centre to accommodate your needs through a flexible learning scheme or alternatively fill the enquiry form.

University Placement

Providence Education is launching its Student Services for Fall 2016 intakes In Lebanon.

Boarding School

The Boarding Schools tend to provide a high sense of discipline and punctuality. They provide their student with constant support, guidance and attention in a small teaching groups.