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Cost of Digital Ignorance How much is digital illiteracy costing your organisation?

GlobalCert in an International Certification Programme in Digital Literacy. It is the most up to date certification with more than 30 areas to tested and certified. Recognised in Europe and around the world, GlobalCert helps individuals built their digital literacy profile and certify the e-skills they acquire throughout their life.


Recent studies in Europe and U.S. have shown the impact of hidden ICT costs to employers and the economy in general that affects corporations such as yours. ICDL addresses these issues effectively by raising the employee efficiency standards in Digital Literacy achieving great ROI on the employers. Your corporation can join our programmes and receive our study for free. This evaluation will give you the chance to discover the hidden costs and savings in your working environment. Our programme, will initially evaluate employee in specific e-Skills topics (e.g. Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Online Essentials, Computer Essentials and IT Security) before undergoing any training.


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The Programme

Certification is available in 5 levels of literacy to suit every individual and needs.


Awareness (Ages 8-12)                                 Efficient (Ages 12+)              

- Introducing the Principles in ICT                   - ICT Principles

- Computer Essentials                                    - Online Principles

- Word Processing                                          - Word Processing

- Spreadsheets                                               - Spreadsheets

- Safe Introduction to Internet

- Databases

- Presentations


Literate (Ages 12+)                                       Competent (Ages 15+)

- Databases                                                     - Word Processing

- Presentations                                                - Spreadsheets

- Image Processing                                         - Presentation

- Web Design

- Computer Aided Design (CAD)                   Proficient (18+)

- Programming Principles in OOL                    - Banking Sector

- High Level Programming                              - Digital Communications

- Social Media Interactions                             - Sales

- Personal Security                                          - Radio Communication Productions

- Programming with Robots                            - Tourism Industry.

Digital Efficiency

GlobalCert is a high-quality, internationally recognised certification designed, validated, and approved by international experts from around the world.

Reagulated Qualifications

In partnership with Recognized Awarding Organisations we provide access to a suite of regulated qualifications including a programme design, accreditation and endorsement service.

Accreditation of InhouseTraining

Accredit and Endorse programmes, courses, workshops and seminars to develop, accredit and endorse new, bespoke qualifications of any level and duration.

Language Training

NOCN (previously National Open College Network) is a leading credit-based recognised Awarding Organisation that has been creating opportunities for students and learners for over 25.