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Providence Education is launching its Student Services for Fall 2016 intakes In Lebanon

The Programme includes:

Training and Certification of personnel with CareerGate and GCDF of secondary schools as Career Advisors (Introductory Level at no cost)

Students at grades 9 & 10, participate in the Accredited Psychometric Career Online Test which assists in the Career Advising process

The online test is taken at Licensed Providence Centers only

The results are discussed and analyzed by our Agents and Providence Experts with family and School representatives

At Grade 11, Providence Experts and our School representatives assist all graduates in filling in our Online Application process

Throughout the years, from Grade 9 – Grade 12, a number of activities is carried out in order to assist students in making the right choice, such as University Open Days

The partnership has no cost to the Institution


Applications can be submitted for local and foreign universities


Providence assists throughout the application process including:

1-  Information literature about HE Institutions

2-  Admission requirements per programme requested

3-  Extra curriculum Certificate and training

4-  Liaison with Admission Tutors

5-  Accommodation


Career Gate Test K.17 The top career guidance test

Career Gate Test K.17 is one of the top career guidance tests in Greece and internationally. It has been tested in practice with absolute success during the last ten years by its distribution to more than 50,000 users. It is constantly updated and adapted in accordance with various needs and different versions. Based on recognized scientific bases, it is accurately weighted, reliable, valid, easy to use and easy to understand Quickly, just within 20-30 minutes, the user responds through the computer and the Internet with Yes or No in easily understandable questions. The conclusions are issued directly in a personal report which accurately contains the degree of identification of the user’s personality in relation to certain occupations that suit him in a descending scale. The report also contains the degree of identification of the user’s personality in relation to the six types of Holland, as well as his self-image scales and personal determination. The internal control of the test software excludes error findings. In all the years of the test’s application, there was never any user that challenged its conclusions. The test has been universally accepted in international scientific conferences, publications and daily use. It has been developed after many years of studies by a top university team of the University of Piraeus, Greece and of the London School of Economics that specializes in career guidance and labour market and has produced many studies, books and scientific papers in the related field. The basis of these studies are focused upon psychometrics combined with the labour market and the educational system. They rely on the modern and original classification K.17 in conjunction with recognized international theories of career guidance and especially that of John Holland. Besides the standard version of the test related to occupations associated with higher education, there exist separate versions for postgraduate studies, training and autonomous personality test, Holland test, emotional intelligence test, etc. The C.G.T.K.17 may also be available in English, Arabic and other languages. The distribution of the test is administered by the central scientific team through consultants and certified partners in Lebanon.


Global Career Development Facilitator Certification

GCDF is the education program provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge so they can support individuals to plan their careers and pursue professions that have value / meaning for themselves. The GCDF certification was developed to provide quality standards, specialized training and certification of professionals. This certification provides the learner with the professional title GCDF and promotes professionalism through education and supervision.

The GCDF Scope of Practice includes the use of the following competencies as an employee of an agency or organization:

-  Are competent in basic helping skills and use these skills in client interactions.

-  Are proficient in the career facilitation process.

-  Understand labour market and occupational information and trends.

-  Assist clients in finding and using current resources.

-  Comprehend and use career development computer resources.

-  Administer and score career development assessments with proper training.

-  Recognize the special needs of various groups and adapt services to meet their needs.

-  Follow the ethical standards for career development facilitators. Know current legislation and regulations affecting employment.

-  Understand career development theories, models, and techniques.

-  Are competent in job search strategies and placement techniques.

-  Prepare and deliver materials for training programs and presentations on how to access career information and how to effectively interview for a job.

-  Understand career development programs.

-  Work as a liaison in collaborative relationships with career counsellors and other professionals.

-  Market and promote career development programs.


Duration of the program

The program can be conducted in both English and Greek language and has a total duration of 120 hours, of which 80 related to teaching and 40 supervised practice.


Certified GCDF can leverage the knowledge acquired in:

Schools and Universities

Human Resources Departments

Private Consulting Companies

Offices Job Search

NGOs As an independent career advisor.





ICT Courses

Providence Education & Training ICT Courses lead to the successful certification of GlobaCert. Our courses are fully supported.

Student Counselling

Providence Education is launching its Student Services for Fall 2016 intakes in Lebanon.


E-Kids SUMMER CAMPS with International dimension and Certification.

Teacher Training

When accredited by Providence Education & Training for any of our services, Teacher Training and Certification is offered to the our educational partners at no cost.